Mein Trumpf

by -(nixon)

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released May 17, 2017

Written by -(nixon);
Recorded by: Kurt Ballou of Godcity Studio for making this session happen.
Mastered by: Brad Boatright of Audiosiege Mastering.



all rights reserved


-(nixon) hell, Michigan

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Track Name: Trumpf
Excuse me sir,
Is there something you'd like to say?
Trapped in your mind,
That you just can't explain?
Well, let me help you
Suppress it back before
It slips from your fucking mouth,
And you set us back some more.

You say that we're equal; thats an insult.
You're knocking us all down a peg.
There is no following in your dim cult.
I see no lights above your brain.

We've slaved, and worked, and tried so fucking hard
To bring a good name to our race.
We are human, that means that we are thoughtful and it's true.
Well I find it sad that I must share my genes with you.
Track Name: American History X-Files
We created the pyramids, and you reduced us to a cheap science-fiction.
We gave you minds inside functioning brains and have yet to see a single 'Thank You' card sent in our name.
We've been with you this whole damn time, through your shit wars and fucked up beliefs.
You act like the primates we bred with,
Though we shouldn't be surprised,
You get those traits from your mother!

Get it right, get it right
You owe us your lives.
Get it right, we are more than a strange idea.
Get it right, we come from a long line of pure blood and light,
And the Earth is our petri dish!

Hello, I've been dying to see you.
Beam me up, I'm ready to leave.
My infiltration is done here and I can't
Take the bone-headed mistakes that we made.
Hello, I've been dying to hear from you.
I'm not one of the experiments on the plane.
I'm the one you left dying, and bleeding,
And I can hardly breathe. I'm in so much pain.
Take me back! Take me back! Take me back!
Take me back, I'm suffocating here.
Take me back! Take me back! I'll be dead by dawn,
'Cause living here is like living without a god.